State Jobs

Near 15 million Americans are employed in State Jobs. If you are looking for a job, review our state jobs directory. Jobs are classified by location:

This site is aimed at the entire US workforce from the skilled craft to highly trained professionals. If you are looking for a job, here you will find all necessary tools to enhance your job hunting.

State job Requirements, that is to say, training and education needed for the positions are the key to getting a job. In general, most of employers ask for communication and leadership skills, besides specific skills such medical, technical and scientific skills required for upper positions. It is strongly recommended to include keywords and specific skills detailed in the job description on your resume.

Not all state jobs need a college degree with a major is some field. But some professional work will need a specific academic course like engineering, biology, medical, psychology or accounting fields. There are also some occupations with subject "trainee", "intern" or as "student program", these kind of state jobs are usually oriented for those people with a baccalaureate degree in any field.

State jobs in higher level positions:

If you are looking for a position in the level of master's degree you may apply for a GS-9 grade or equivalent, and if the position you want is in the doctoral degree you may apply for GS-11 grade or equivalent. This works if the field of degree is related to the state job position. To be valid, your degree must have been given by an accredited College or University.

Job positions in higher grades belong to GS-7 grade, equivalent or higher, and if you want to apply for a job in this level, you must had a specialized experience in related file, the minimun time of experience will be detailed in the advertisement.

Even if you don't have a College degree you still can apply for a state job if you have been in the market for a while, it means that if you have some experience in the field you also will be able to apply for the position. Job positions that are not included here are those in scientific fields, for these ones you must have a College degree.

State entities also offer jobs for Job Seekers with disabilities. It is important to include in your resume the code "5 CFR 213.3102(u)" if you have a physical or mental handicap. Moreover, you should submit your job application to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), where a member of the Selective Placement Program Coordinators (SPPC) directory will place you in an appropriate position.

It is worth mentioning that there several Employee benefits programs. Since each state offers different benefits to its workforce, here we include the most relevant ones. For example:

  • Alternate Retirement Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI)
  • Medicaid, among others.

The government offers thousands of state job opportunities for professionals from different educational backgrounds. Consequently, take a look at each state section and browse job offers.