State job Requirements

If you are interested in holding a position within a state agency, you must meet specific qualification standards. You can access to these requirements in the job board of the Office of Personnel Management. This agency offers equal job opportunities for highly trained professionals, technicians, skilled work craft, fresh graduates, and people with physical or mental disabilities. Visiting this office and contacting a representative you can know about your eligibility for specific positions.

State job Requirements

In this site we provide you with list of levels according your educational background and work experience. Remember that whether you hold a bachelor’s degree or not, you can also apply for state jobs. Speak two or more languages is really apreciated. You may consider learn languages in a collegue or academy, or use some online language learning methods.

GS-2 Job seekers without higher degrees, but with long work experience in their field (at least one year).
Entry-level jobs (trainee, students program, intern). Job seekers must hold a baccalaureate.
GS-9 Higher job positions for job seekers with a master’s degree.  A specialization certification and related work experience is far preferable.
GS-11 Senior job positions for job seekers who hold a doctoral degree.

We strongly recommend you to visit the OPM, because there human resource staff will assess your possibilities for each job. As you can see, if you do not have a higher degree, you can apply to the G2 category. Remember that specialized experience is really important for this category. Consequently, gather all your work certificates (at least 3 month of consecutive work experience). For higher positions is required 1 year or more depending on the position you are applying for.

Blue Collar

If you have learnt a trade or a craft, you will be assessed in a different qualification system. In general, you will have the opportunity to show your potential on-the job training and in classroom. In this category are included carpenters, electricians, gardeners, electricians, etc.